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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on buyers advocates and how Fresh Start Advisory could be a suitable service for you.

Working with Fresh Start Advisory begins with an initial consultation to discuss your property investment goals. Together, we will determine a 10-Year plan that can result in you getting on track to securing your first property within as little as 6 weeks.

The question of is a buyer’s advocate for me is a tricky question to answer… you see a buyer’s advocate needs to assess someone’s overall situation and identify whether or not the particular client has enough pain points in order to be able to assist.

None of this can be accomplished until the buyer’s advocate and the person enquiring sit down and define what it is that they really want & where they might be having some issues. A buyer’s advocates client needs to:

  • Be open & honest in their communications
  • Be willing to hand over the reins to the buyers advocate
  • Be willing to take on new information
  • Be willing to put their trust in the hands of a buyers advocate

This is a very common question that we hear often. When a client seeks out a buyer’s advocate if chosen correctly they pick up a member in their team who is able to bring structure to the client’s search. Every client is different, as every client has different pain points, in saying that over time we have found that the list below are the common areas where buyers advocates are able to assist with;

When deciding to go down the route of using a buyer’s advocate, obviously the majority of the time spent on searching for the right region/street/property is handed over to the advocate. Giving clients back their time & allowing them to do what they love most.

A good buyer’s advocate will bring a wealth of knowledge to property. Whether this is through the research conducted on a certain region, the intrinsics of the purchase process, or even the ability to negotiate with real estate agents, this knowledge is vital you are always better off having that knowledge on your side – not against you.

A good buyer’s advocate should have the experience & knowledge of purchasing multiple properties for themselves & their clients. This experience is vital. Property is a very tricky game & there are a lot of blind spots which can appear when starting out.

The team is everything. When initiating a good buyers advocate, one of the awesome benefits is getting access to their entire team. This includes strategic brokers, savvy solicitors, top-notch accountants & high-level financial planners. Creating a team is so vital to any property investor & being able to build this team alone can take years of searching.

A good buyers advocate will bring the entire property search together and generally speaking will be able to purchase properties in a much swifter fashion. Timeframes for investors at Fresh Start Advisory are currently at 3 weeks.

If you are happy with your property search & are getting maximum success out of it you may be better off investing your money in other things. In saying that, if you are sick and tired of hitting the wall & not making progress in your property journey, then having a buyers advocate by your side could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Getting results is the only reason to engage a buyer’s advocate. Whether it’s purchasing property below market value, finding properties that you otherwise wouldn’t find, reducing stress, or giving you back your time, your buyers advocate needs to be absolutely accountable for a result.

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