Only 0.4% of Australians own more than 3 investment properties.

Let's change that.

Fresh Start Advisory is a team of real estate professionals with a mission to help 1000 everyday Australians build wealth through property investing by 2030.


We’re changing the national average of Australian property investors who own more than 3 IP’s from 0.4% to 1%

Genuine service

Forget intimidating property investment lingo, we make it easy.

Money back guarantee

We have an in-built money-back guarantee as a part of our service.

Industry certified

We're certified real estate agents ready to achieve your property investment goals.

Property investment is not a short-term game.

At Fresh Start Advisory we are obsessed with finding out the end goal & then creating a plan around that goal. In fact, we create a 10-year property portfolio plan which is customized to each and every client.

10-year portfolio plan

Once you’ve seen our plan for your specific goals, you can decide whether we’re right for the job – totally obligation free.

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Engagement process

Fresh Start Advisory will be there to help research, source and negotiate your perfect property, and more.

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