Our Founders

With us, your goals become our mission, and our pledge is simple: your success, guaranteed.


Guiding you through property investment with integrity and personal commitment, Frank and Adrian founded Fresh Start Advisory to ensure no investor endures the pitfalls they once faced.

Frank and Adrian, driven by their personal experiences as passionate property investors, founded Fresh Start Advisory with a mission to spare others from the pitfalls they encountered early in their own investing journey. Having been misled by buyer’s agents who prioritized quick commissions over sound advice, they recognized the need for a trustworthy and client-centric approach in the industry.

Having faced the consequences of poor advice and suboptimal property choices, Frank and Adrian understand the frustration and challenges that can arise in the world of property investment. Their personal encounters with unscrupulous practices fueled their commitment to establishing FSA as a beacon of integrity, where clients can confidently navigate the real estate market with the assurance that their best interests are the top priority.